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Description of Photo from left to right – Beau Rivage, St. Tropez and Riviera Condominium Towers

Dear Neighbors,

Welcome to the Riviera / St Tropez Condominium Associations website. This informal website is run by owners for the benefit of all residents in our two towers. The official website with minutes of meetings and financials is located on our management company website at Castle Management

Riviera Ft Myers Condominium Association

Ron Gabrick, President
Doug Nelson, Vice President
Eric Brown, Secretary
Bob Sather, Treasurer
Mike Weiland, Director at Large

St. Tropez Ft Myers Condominium Association

Dick Murphy, President
Russ Kimble, Vice President
Joe Abromovitz, Secretary
Ralph Harrison, Treasurer
Norm Langlois, Director


Doug Nelson, President
Dick Murphy, Vice President
Eric Brown, Secretary
Ralph Harrison, Treasurer
Joe Abromovitz, Director
Dru Doyle, Director

We are located .9 miles from the downtown Fort Myers River District and sit on the shores of the Caloosahatchee River where the sunrises and sunsets are equally breathtaking. Enjoy watching the dolphins, manatees and stingrays as they swim and play while enjoying an evening dinner or cocktail on your Lanai with friends or family.

Again, we say welcome to the Riviera / St Tropez Condominium Family

Contact :
Sarah A. Stumpf, LCAM
Community Association Manager
Managed by – Castle Management
Email: sstumpf@castlegroup.com

Riviera Ft Myers Condominium Association
2743 First Street
Fort Myers, FL 33916

St Tropez Ft Myers Condominium Association
2745 First Street
Fort Myers, FL 33916

Office: 239-332-4289
Fax: 239-425-0391

Security Guard . . . . 239-288-3474

View of downtown Harbour

Riviera & St. Tropez
Partial view of entrance to complex

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Lee County Ordinance requires that all cats, dogs and ferrets that are four (4) months of age or older be vaccinated against rabies and licensed by the County.* Veterinarians are required by Florida State Statute to notify Lee County Domestic Animal Services that their clients’ pets have received a rabies vaccination and whether a county license was purchased.* When our office receives this information, we send out letters to pet owners who have not purchased a license.

Please be aware that the license is actually due the day the rabies vaccination is given. If you have not purchased the license within 30 days, a late fee of $25 will be assessed. We base our letters on information provided to us by the pet owner’s veterinarian. Therefore, please let us know if any of the information is incorrect by contacting us at Lee County Pet Licensing

Why must pets be licensed?

By licensing pets we are able to return pets to their owners when they are lost, and we are able to ensure that all pets receive a current rabies vaccination. This is a public health and safety issue. While there are many diseases that pets can contract that are serious to their health or even fatal, these diseases are not a serious threat to humans. Rabies, however, is transmissible to humans and is fatal once contracted. Therefore, it is imperative that we maintain a program to ensure all pets are vaccinated against this fatal disease.

Posted Mar 23, 2013


I wanted to take this time to let you all know some general information on the smoke detectors and alarms that are part of the Fire Safety System.

1) In Residence Smoke Detector-The smoke detectors that are IN your unit will NOT set off the entire fire alarm system, they will only sound in your unit if they detect smoke or heat.

2) Smoke Detector in your Private Elevator vestibule- This smoke detector when it detects smoke or heat WILL in fact set off full evacuation alarm for the building.

So knowing this you should:
NOT open the door to the private elevator vestibule if your “In Residence smoke detector” goes off due to smoke from cooking. You SHOULD open your slider doors to remove the smoke from your unit and keep the door to your private elevator vestibule CLOSED to avoid setting off a full evacuation of the building.
• Evacuate the building if in fact there is a general fire alarm sounding.
• Know that there are fire extinguishers in the corridors as well as fire alarm pull stations.

NOTE: The Fire Alarm and Evacuation System has had its annual inspection and has performed flawlessly as designed when it was recently activated.
Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have any questions or concerns.

Carl Olson
General Manager

Posted Mar 01, 2013


LEE COUNTY PET LICENSING http://www.leelostpets.com/Pages/PetLicensing.aspx)

Posted Feb 26, 2013


Lee County Pet Services Link

Posted Feb 26, 2013



Posted Feb 26, 2013


Click Link Below


Posted Feb 26, 2013


After Hours Emergency Information: Phone: (954)574-1632 or email residentservices@castlegroup.com

Posted Feb 26, 2013

Lot Purchase

August 8, 2012

Dear Fellow Owners in the Riviera and St Tropez,

We are pleased to announce that our Master Association has acquired the vacant waterfront lot next door (2731 First Street) for a purchase price of $205,000. Acquisition costs including legal fees, due diligence, title insurance, survey and environmental review total approximately $25-$30,000.

We believe this is a very good price for a property that was appraised last year at $410,000. The property is approximately one acre dry land plus one acre submerged lands.

The seller was Synovus Bank, which assigned to us their foreclosure rights in exchange for the purchase price. The Clerk of Court issued to us a Certificate of Title today (August 8, 2012).

To pay for the acquisition and for some improvements to make the land enjoyable for our owners, the Association obtained a 10 year bank loan of $300,000 at a 6.5% interest rate. To put the loan in
perspective, amortizing it over 10 years will cost approximately $10 per month per unit and will be included in the annual budgets until paid.

The value to us of this property is potentially great. It allows us to control what, if anything, is built on the property and how it is used. A third-party purchaser of the lot might use the lot to our detriment by, for example, construction or commercial use that is not in our interest.

It is the intention of the Board of Directors to use the property for the benefit and enjoyment of our owners and residents. In addition, owning the land gives us for the first time direct access to the river from land that we own, rather than across the seawall, over which we have an easement but which remains owned by the developer and/or third parties whom the developer has selected.

While we will seek suggestions from everyone in our community, and no definite plans or rules have been made yet, beyond giving our members access to the land as green space for their reasonable
recreation at their own risk, suggestions so far include parking, waterfront access, gardening, exercise, picnics, storage, etc. A committee of owners will be organized to develop plans and rules
for the land’s use.


Doug Nelson
President, Riviera Fort Myers Master Association President, Riviera Fort Myers Condominium

Dick Murphy
Vice President, Riviera Fort Myers Master Association President, St Tropez Fort Myers Condominium

Posted Feb 24, 2013

Letter from the PRESIDENT

Letter from the President

Dear Riviera and St. Tropez Owners,

Although it has been more than two years since the developer turned over control of the Condominium and Master Associations to owners, many of our challenging and sometimes overwhelming tasks finally appear to be approaching some resolution. Unfortunately ongoing disregard and disagreements by the builder of our properties regarding their construction defects creates a continuing and time consuming process for your Board of Directors, Committees of owners and Management.

For example, our landscaping contract was recently awarded to Big Tree, Inc. Committee Volunteers, Board of Directors and the Management Team met with Big Tree, Inc. to review the design plan for the landscaping of the property. During their evaluation it was determined that many areas of our flowering and shrubbery lacked the needed water to maintain growth because irrigation drip lines were not delivering water to those areas.

It turned out that the drip lines had been cut in many places. We believe this was done carelessly by previous landscapers while trimming shrubbery. The Board has notified the previous landscape company of the repairs we must make and the damages resulting from their negligence and will also involve the Associations’ attorney to make a claim for the Association if necessary.

The owners on the Landscape Committee have drafted a plan with Big Tree to improve the greenery at the entrances. This project includes replacing the palms that are leaning and which could cause damage during wind storms. Their planters are shallow and a much taller species was planted than originally planned. The recommended six replacement palms along the entrance ramp will be double foxtail palms. There are thirteen palms that will eventually be replaced including these six. In these six planters, a more appealing cascading type of greenery will also replace the Bougainvillea as part of the design.

At the entrances to the Condominiums in the semicircle planters, the barren areas will be planted with flowering plants, ground cover and will also utilize a large portion of the greenery that is there now. Continuing along the entrance to the swimming pool the coconut palms that were planted in the large pots blew over during a storm this past summer and were cut and removed. Until the stumps and root balls decay in these pots to where we can replant an appropriate variety of palms, vegetation will be planted as part of this soon to start project. The stumps should be decayed within a year. Inside the entrance to the swimming pool plaza the three planters are designed with plantings for an appealing entry to the accent the opening vista of the swimming pool and Caloosahatchee River. I will try to send or post pictures of the progress during the week of December 18th to Christmas. This “nature-scaping” project is funded by the Riviera Master Association budget from
accounts held over in 2011, the 2012 budget, and from the 2013 budget after January first.

Another important project is the replacement of the round-about pavers at the entrances to the Riviera and St. Tropez circling the fountain area. After giving the proper notification and failure to repair documentation to the original builder, architect and paving contractor so that we preserve our legal rights, it is in the associations best interest to proceed to replace the pavers for safety and appearance reasons. An engineering firm has been hired to evaluate the design and capacity of drainage along with the cause of failure that resulted in the base material washing out and leaving depressions in the plaza. Over the last couple years the association repaired the depressions multiple times as a safety matter and determined the expense to repair is increasing every time with more of the base washed away than the previous repairs. This of course is costly and to continue any longer would be an unwise use of Association resources. The cost of this paver project will be funded from the Master Association Reserves and settlement funds received from the builder, architect or paver contractor will refund the reserves. Although the paver project was originally scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012 it appears that, with recent unexpected delays, the project will not be started and completed until the first part of 2013.

During the paver project the engineering firm will have access to determine the nature of the causes resulting in water seeping down into the garage levels through the expansion joints. Also an evaluation of any possible damage to the expansion joints structural integrity will be made.

Another ongoing claim which has been filed and rejected or ignored by the builder and manufacturer is the delaminating of the doors entering units from the halls. Replacement doors are now manufactured as steel fire rated doors by another door company and we received the first shipment of them recently. This is also a claim against the builder, door supplier and manufacturer made thru the Master Association. It is an expensive project with each door costing approximately $700 per unit.

At a recent Master Board of Directors meeting a resolution was adopted to retain the engineering firm involved with the paver project to evaluate and prepare a scope of work for a RFP (request for a proposal) to paint the St. Tropez, Riviera and Garage exteriors. This project falls within the timetable of our reserve study and the costs for this project should be funded by the reserves of the St. Tropez, Riviera and the Master Associations as a scheduled reserve expense. There will be repairs to the stucco and caulking of exterior seams as part of the painting project. The painting project will be required to be completed before June of 2013 to prevent delays during the rainy season.

The owners on our Lot Committee are accomplishing the daunting task of clearing the overgrowth of palm branches, undesirable trees, etc. from our recently acquired property next door. They recently notified the Board that jointly with the Social Committee they are planning a cook out, sometime in January or February.

We continue to bring into action more energy saving projects. Soon the Aaon monitoring system will be functional allowing our HVAC contractor and on site managers the ability to adjust the demand for energy during times of low temperature and humidity. Initial estimates indicate this may be a huge savings on the association’s electric expense.

The change to LED lights in the exterior of the parking areas and the driveway leading up to the condominiums is scheduled to start within the next couple weeks. Burned out lights will be replaced with LED’s and the remaining replaced as needed. LED lights last seven times longer than the original lights and they use significantly less energy.

Another money-saving project suggested by the owners on the Landscape Committee is for a deep well to use for irrigation water. The return of our investment would take only a few months and it would reduce our city water bill by thousands of dollars each year. After estimates are received they will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

It has been my privilege to serve as President of the Master Association and the Riviera Ft Myers Condominium Association since they were turned over to owners by the developer. I would like to thank you for your support. I would also like to thank the other owners listed below who have worked tirelessly with me on the board of directors.


Doug Nelson


Riviera Condominium Board of Directors:

Doug Nelson President
Dru Doyle Vice-President
Eric Brown Secretary/Interim Treasurer
Mark Mockensturm Director
Bob Sather Director

St. Tropez Condominium Board of Directors:

Dick Murphy President
Russ Kimble Vice President
Joe Abromovitz Secretary
Ralph Harrison Treasurer
Norm Langlois Director

Riviera Fort Myers Master Association

Doug Nelson President
Dick Murphy Vice President
Eric Brown Secretary
Ralph Harrison Treasurer
Joe Abromovitz Director
Dru Doyle Director

Posted Dec 12, 2012


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Debbie Papaioanu
Unit 2102

Posted Apr 27, 2012

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